Pump,Assembly,ROADFAR,apu.testidomainfenomeno.fi,f,Module,Fuel,/cavalcade752249.html,Electrical,Unit,55円,With,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sending 55円 ROADFAR Fuel Pump Assembly Electrical Module With Sending Unit f Automotive Replacement Parts Pump,Assembly,ROADFAR,apu.testidomainfenomeno.fi,f,Module,Fuel,/cavalcade752249.html,Electrical,Unit,55円,With,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sending ROADFAR 大人気! Fuel Pump Assembly Electrical Sending With f Unit Module ROADFAR 大人気! Fuel Pump Assembly Electrical Sending With f Unit Module 55円 ROADFAR Fuel Pump Assembly Electrical Module With Sending Unit f Automotive Replacement Parts

ROADFAR 大人気 Fuel Pump Assembly Electrical 休み Sending With f Unit Module

ROADFAR Fuel Pump Assembly Electrical Module With Sending Unit f


ROADFAR Fuel Pump Assembly Electrical Module With Sending Unit f

Product description

2009 Chvey Malibu 3.5L
2009 Chvey Malibu 3.6L
2009 Pontiac G6 2.4L
2009 Pontiac G6 3.5L
2009 Pontiac G6 3.6L
2009 Pontiac G6 3.9L
2009 Saturn Aura 2.4L
2009 Saturn Aura 3.6L

Tips of installation instruction:
1. Take product by left hand and hold the middle of the wing arm by right hand.
2. Place one end of swing arm into opening.
3. Press swing arm into bracket position slot gently while securing if firmly.
4. Gently sway swing arm to ensure a fluid motion without any stick points and
put away product carefully after finishing assembly.

ROADFAR Fuel Pump Assembly Electrical Module With Sending Unit f

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