Motorcycle Tachometer Universal LED 《週末限定タイムセール》 Backlight Digital Tachomet 25円 Motorcycle Tachometer , Universal LED Backlight Digital Tachomet Automotive Replacement Parts Motorcycle Tachometer Universal LED 《週末限定タイムセール》 Backlight Digital Tachomet Backlight,LED,Tachomet,Tachometer,,,Digital,25円,Automotive , Replacement Parts,,/dozenth1321862.html,Motorcycle,Universal 25円 Motorcycle Tachometer , Universal LED Backlight Digital Tachomet Automotive Replacement Parts Backlight,LED,Tachomet,Tachometer,,,Digital,25円,Automotive , Replacement Parts,,/dozenth1321862.html,Motorcycle,Universal

Motorcycle Tachometer Universal LED 《週末限定タイムセール》 Backlight お気にいる Digital Tachomet

Motorcycle Tachometer , Universal LED Backlight Digital Tachomet


Motorcycle Tachometer , Universal LED Backlight Digital Tachomet

Product description

Condition: 100% Brand New
Color: Black
Housing Material: ABS Aluminum
Measurement Range: 012000RPM
Voltage: DC 12V
Outer Diameter: 9.3cm/3.7inch
Dial Diameter: 7.5cm/3.0inch
Height: 5.5cm/2.2inch
Fitment: Universal

Package list:
1 * Tachometer
3 * Accessory
1 * Manual

1. Please allow slight error due to manual measurement. Thanks Compatible with your understanding.
2. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

Motorcycle Tachometer , Universal LED Backlight Digital Tachomet

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