Laptop,/gat1174643.html,28円,AIR,10,Protective,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Lapto,Inflatable,,PAKPRO,14Inch,Pack,Bag 28円 AIR PAKPRO 10 Pack 14Inch Inflatable Laptop Protective Bag Lapto Electronics Computers Accessories 新品 送料無料 AIR PAKPRO 10 Pack 14Inch Protective Laptop Lapto Bag Inflatable Laptop,/gat1174643.html,28円,AIR,10,Protective,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Lapto,Inflatable,,PAKPRO,14Inch,Pack,Bag 新品 送料無料 AIR PAKPRO 10 Pack 14Inch Protective Laptop Lapto Bag Inflatable 28円 AIR PAKPRO 10 Pack 14Inch Inflatable Laptop Protective Bag Lapto Electronics Computers Accessories

新品 送料無料 AIR PAKPRO 10 Pack 14Inch Protective Laptop Lapto Bag 新商品 Inflatable

AIR PAKPRO 10 Pack 14Inch Inflatable Laptop Protective Bag Lapto


AIR PAKPRO 10 Pack 14Inch Inflatable Laptop Protective Bag Lapto

Product description

Size:10 Pack For 14" Laptop

▪ Materials: Nylon (20%), Polyethylene (80%)
▪ Color: Transparent
▪Size: Holds 14 Inch Laptops
①This inflatable laptop protective bag is light, durable and strong - it weighs less than a pound, but can hold more than 180 pounds! Specially designed air columns protect laptops and reduce damage caused by falls, with 360° protection for each and every accident. Plus, it is water-resistant, so it will defend against rain or puddles.
②It is easy to use , Easily inflated with any hand pump,providing quick and unmatched protection while shipping or traveling. Never worry about dropping your computer!
③It's the ideal laptop mailer which can easily compatible with your laptop shipping box, Ensures Safe Transportation during Travel or Shipping.
①Inflatable Sleeve × 10
②Hand Pump ×1(Color Random)

AIR PAKPRO 10 Pack 14Inch Inflatable Laptop Protective Bag Lapto

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