BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag for Boots Gear - Apparel 格安激安 and Blac Helmet 24円 BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag for Boots, Helmet, Gear and Apparel - Blac Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation 24円 BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag for Boots, Helmet, Gear and Apparel - Blac Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag for Boots Gear - Apparel 格安激安 and Blac Helmet Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,and,24円,Gear,Bag,-,,Apparel,Ski,BRUBAKER,Blac,Boots,,Boot,Helmet,,for,/lustrical1174576.html Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,and,24円,Gear,Bag,-,,Apparel,Ski,BRUBAKER,Blac,Boots,,Boot,Helmet,,for,/lustrical1174576.html

BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag for Boots Gear - Apparel 格安激安 and Blac 専門店 Helmet

BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag for Boots, Helmet, Gear and Apparel - Blac


BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag for Boots, Helmet, Gear and Apparel - Blac

Product description

BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag Grenoble

High-quality finish winter sports bag with separate boot compartment.

The water-repellent adjustable inner boot bag keeps wet and dirty boots separate from the roomy main compartment - easily accessed via a zip fastening on the side. The main compartment has enough storage space for helmet, gloves, hat or clothing. Additional features like the zippered front compartment not only look good but are extremely useful, too, because it is easy and fast to stow amp; access your gear.

The adjustable rucksack straps and the padded back panel make it easy to transport the equipment. The bottom is equipped with 'claw feet' against slipping on snow or ice. There is also a small pocket with an address tag at the side of the bag.

Length: 17.32"
Height: 16.14"
Width: 9.45"

Weight: 2.87lbs

Fabric: 100% polyester / leather finish: 100% polyurethane
Taped seams

BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag for Boots, Helmet, Gear and Apparel - Blac

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